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神河美音|深圳市科技和信息局"Monseigneur, which side shall we save first?""Monseigneur temuzhen, khan, please." Lyu3 bu4 ready to go back, a maid came over, bow down."Jun righteousness don't want to see that lyu3 bu4 how fierce, he can vertical and horizontal grassland, northwest, that is because of the terrain, lyu3 bu4 ride unparalleled, siege is not necessarily how strong, otherwise also won't be cao cao out of the central plains, we just need to keep the city, that lyu3 bu4 is a great ability, also don't want to cross the thunder pond." Falling in grant is calm many, the more adverse the situation, as counselors, must ensure their own calm mind, since lyu3 bu4 has arrived, fear also appears superfluous, surrender is naturally impossible, the rest, also only world war I.

But time changes, as lyu3 bu4 swept the grasslands, stirring up civil strife in xianbei, buried two hundred and fifty thousand main xianbei, to now, no one dare to describe lyu3 bu4 with these four words, if lyu3 bu4 close to, with his reputation in the north now plus lyu3 bu4 bing identity, for Yuan Shaojun, that is a real disaster.According to the statistics sent by Chen Gong, harmony state alone several counties, this year a year of harvest of food, enough lyu3 bu4 launched a fifty thousand people-scale campaign and lasted a year!Dawn of the first beam of sunlight lit up the sky, light is dispersing the darkness, however, when the male broad kelp with people on both sides of the gate, ready to meet lyu3 bu4 into the city, but see with zhang he with the army retreat, those streets, according to stakes, face can not help but change.神河美音|Said, fierce eyes staring at patronage, will be in the heart of ghosts patronage to see the gallbladder hair.

神河美音|Northwest Trading Tiger, Naturally refers to lyu3 bu4, In any case, Lyu3 bu4 now named wolf ju xu, has gained great fame in the north, Even don't like, appellation, also can't be as brazen as before, xin evaluation is not really for xu togeher, just now, xin evaluation worried about xu togeher anger urgent, cast cao cao, as one of lombardi's four counselors, xu togeher ability not to mention, just master Yuan Shaojun intelligence secrets, once leaked out, the consequences are unimaginable.Attorney General!"At the end of the day you will obey!" They promised to 1, their departure.

Carefully glanced at Murong GUI's face, continued: "Just at that time, it sounds a little absurd, but now with the news from the joint venture, is it not so?" The temuzhen unless can fly, otherwise why will suddenly appear outside the alliance, must be out of the king's court directly, but coby can have been accurate information in this time suddenly lost its effect, make to jin, coss two army routed, then, maybe it's our turn... ""It's a good play." Far away, lyu3 bu4 looked at the rest of the camp, again with a team of QinBing forward, looking in the direction of the camp, lang track: "TaBaJi powder, murong gui, two leaders, come out and talk about it.""Temuzhen warrior, this period of time, in my xianbei king's court, live still used to it?" Looked at lyu3 bu4, kui head eyes flashed a touch of complex color, then quickly put away, face floating a smile, said with a smile.神河美音|





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